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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoom the Days Go By

It’s Wednesday already! It’s been another fast few days. We had a great and busy weekend.

Saturday was supposed to be the nicest day, but really the whole weekend was beautiful.

2012-05-26_20-30-39_289Saturday evening we headed to Kozel’s Restaurant for dinner to meet some Heartland friends who were staying at a campground nearby in the Copake KOA.


(This was one of the campgrounds we visited in our drive a couple months ago, as we will be staying there in September.) 2012-05-26_20-27-59_734It was a fun evening – we sat outside, enjoyed the company and had a delicious dessert (thanks again Beth!). The campground was full, of course, for the Memorial Day weekend. It was a new experience for Harry and me, as both of our other trips have been in the off-season when the campgrounds were pretty empty!

Sunday was a low-key, layin’ low, not doing too much kind of day. We enjoyed our usual Sunday breakfast, relaxed and watched some tv…nothing too exciting…








For the last day of the weekend, we decided that we should get back to work. Harry worked on cleaning the screens to our windows…



and finishing up some of the trim in the house.








I worked on cleaning out and sorting our kitchen cupboards. They are almost all emptied out!

I feel like our progress on the house has slowed somewhat, but I think that’s partly because the majority of the big projects are behind us. For the most part, all we have left to do are small finishing touches, which is good, but at the same time it doesn’t give us that satisfying “ahhhh” feeling when we finish this little piece or sort out that little pile. Both Harry and I are keeping our eyes on the countdown – we are heading toward the 130 day mark for the house sale. We do have one more big project to check off our list, which we will tackle in a couple weeks when we get back from Lake George.

We are only 12 days away from our next trip!


  1. even the little jobs must give you a sense of satisfaction...a few more things off the list!!..glad you got out and enjoyed the weekend!!

  2. Gee, you guys have worked your fingers to the bone! Your house looks terrific!! You deserve to relax a bit and enjoy getting out and enjoying yourselves!!
    Your 5er is awesome!! Love it!!