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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hartwick Highlands Campground

Today was the day that we have been dreaming about, and planning for, and counting down to…our first trip of the season! The first several hours of the day were my usual Saturday routine…heading out bright and early to work – but today the hours had an extra excitement and I pestered all my coworkers with reminders of how long it would be until the work day was history!!

trip picture 1Finally work was over, and I headed home to help with the final preparations. We do have a list that we compiled after our two trips last year, and we checked it two or three times to be sure we weren’t forgetting anything.

IMG_1986We are still in the process of learning the routine of getting hitched up and out on the road, and it’s definitely not relaxing. But we were thinking this afternoon, this really is only our fourth time heading out of our driveway, so we think we’re doing pretty well. We are both hoping that this year with more frequent trips, and therefore more practice, that it will get a little easier.



Most of our route today was on I-88. It was a little bumpy, but otherwise great traveling. The skies were blue and clear, and there was very little traffic.




When we arrived at the campground, the office was closed. They had left a map and our site information tacked to the front door in an envelope with our name on it.


IMG_2003We are in an easy to get into and reasonably level site in an open field. We love it! Today was the first time we have been able to use our auto leveling system since last September. We can’t do it in our driveway because of the incline. We have to level our rig in manual mode. The auto leveling is so nice – just push a button and let it do its thing. Although it is a little weird to see the rig moving by itself up and down in all directions as it levels.

IMG_2008After we got settled we took a little walk. I took some pictures but the sun was starting to go down, so they came out a little dark.

This picture was taken looking back into the campground from near the office. You can see our rig up towards the back on the left hand side.

trip picture 3


Ahhh! We are so happy to be here.


  1. Very cool!! That auto-leveling is a bit creepy. It's like the RV is alive or something :)

    I like the site too.

  2. I am certain you guys felt a sense of satisfaction as you pulled away from the S&B. Enjoy the outing and practice the art of living full time.

  3. Sure wish we had an automatic leveling system. I've watched motorhomes pull in and activate theirs. Never have seen one operate on a fiver.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Your last picture says it all. Enjoy!