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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Quick Update

Life has been crazy, but in a great way!

IMG_3706Over the weekend, our house was emptied out. There is nothing left in the living room, or most of the rest of the house for that matter.

We brought all the odds and ends out to the garage and when people came for the rest of the furniture, they got to take a look at the “everything must go” pile. And it all went!



This morning I brought the last of my work clothes to the fiver. I won’t need them for much longer because I gave my notice yesterday! My last day at work will be Christmas Eve. Smile



The only room that still has some stuff in it is the kitchen. And it doesn’t have as much as it did in the picture as we have been continuing to sort and pitch. (Sorry for the blurry picture – I only took one.)


Tomorrow we move to our first fulltiming campground!!


  1. I am thinking we were so lucky to have my daughter buy our house. Lots of our stuff still in there for us to use "Someday" whenever that might be.

    Less than two weeks and Jessica is DONE!

  2. I'm thinking the old advertising tag line: "You've come a long way Baby!" applies here. Congrats, you'll like it out here!

  3. Too cool! That light at the end of the tunnel has to be blinding now.!

  4. I know just how good that feeling was when you gave your notice yesterday. Here's hoping all goes well with your trip tomorrow.

  5. Enjoy your 1st campground. Soon you'll be headed south!

  6. When will you change your blog name? :D