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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Moving (Back) In

IMG_3693As of yesterday, we are getting ourselves back into the fiver.

We still have a few things to bring out, but the majority of our things are out of the house.




I think the cats are happy to have some furniture to lay on again. They seem very settled in.





We are here in this driveway for three more days!! Wednesday morning we move the trailer to Catskill.






It will be SO nice to have a different view out the window. Smile


The couch was picked up yesterday; this morning someone is coming for the tv, and this afternoon, the bed and most everything else will be gone!! We will have an empty house!


  1. We are so excited for your progress and we're wishing you safe travels for your move on Wednesday too.

  2. Seems like everything is going on schedule. At first I thought you were moving back into the house!
    Thought I missed something there.
    Wednesday morning will be here before you know it.

  3. An empty house is a wonderful thing. New views out the window - even better.

  4. Bet it feels good to know you will be pulling out for the last time in 3 days! Now we have to keep our fingers crossed for no snow until you leave!

  5. If snow retains you a bit, not to worry. That stuff does melt! Our first day out there was about 6 inches on the ground but roads were clear. The next week (Feb 2010) all heck broke lose and they had over 4 feet! And the next week another few week. We sure knew when to head out. Happy moving day to you!

  6. all the planning and working and organizing as finally paid off! three days of driveway camping and then the fun will begin!!

  7. It's cute to see one of your cats on your bed. Our cats each have their favorite spots, and one of them practically lives on our bed.