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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow and Cold

Yesterday was another snowy day. moresnow

I am definitely very over this snowy weather. I went out yesterday and shoveled around our area. We will have to do it again today, and get the vehicles cleared off.


We want to keep it as open as possible so there aren’t any issues when it is time for us to head out. If the weather cooperates, we will be leaving two weeks from Tuesday.

This week we have something new to deal with – frigid temps! Our nights are going to be in the teens starting Tuesday and by the end of the week could get down into the single digits. We will be turning on our tank heaters for sure.



It’s definitely been an experience so far. One that we will not miss when we are able to head south.

Fifteen more days!


  1. I'm with you on the snow! We're looking at the same temps you are in the coming days. Today the wind is gusting, blowing snow around. Sounds like a good day for baking!

  2. I saw the national weather map and even going south doesn't get you warm. It definitely gets you warmer which will be good but low 60's to me aren't warm. Just need you to get out of that snow. And safely.

  3. Lesson learned from us "newbies"...snow, cold weather and RVing do not mix. We will be heading south shortly too :)!

  4. It must be cold everywhere :) It's finally sunny here at least, but only 55. I remember when 55 was warm to me!
    Glad it's getting closer to departure date for you two!

    1. It's 26 here right now, so I will take 55!! :)

  5. I stinks that the weather turned on you guys. Hopefully it starts to warm up over there.

  6. Brrrr, too cooooold for meeeee...the tabby cat heard you say something about shoveling snow, so he hid in the bag!! Can't say I blame ;-)
    And thank goodness for artic packages huh? My little RV would be all frozen. No artic package on it.