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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finally Fulltimers!

IMG_3714YAY! As I write this, we are sitting in our first fulltime campground. Unfortunately, it’s only 20 degrees out, so we still need to work on that one. But in here it’s nice and toasty warm.

Yesterday was a great day. It didn’t proceed completely on schedule, but luckily we didn’t have too far to go.

We started out with what was supposed to be a quick trip to have bloodwork done at my doctor’s office, and then we were meeting a friend for breakfast. However, an accident on the highway combined with morning work traffic added about 40 minutes to our journey.

packingupSo, after breakfast we returned home to get ready to head out. We had originally hoped to be on the road by 11, but it ended up being 1 o’clock instead. But other than being a little behind schedule, we had no issues. In fact, it was one of our smoothest travel days so far!


So here we are, all settled in for our month-long stay in Catskill. This is a small park and not fancy, but the owner is very pleasant and good to work with, we have good free wi-fi, a nice level site, and we are only 10 minutes from my sister’s place! So I think this is a campground we will be frequenting often.


The house is just about empty, and definitely has a vacant feel to it. We found out yesterday that the closing has been scheduled for next Friday at 10 am! So it will have new owners by Christmas! We are definitely ready, in every sense of the word. We are so glad that we spread out the prep work over the past years, because clearing out the house has really gone so easily.



And now, we get to enjoy our new home.


  1. Well congratulations. It's been quite the journey. Just have to work on that outside temperature is all. Good luck.

  2. Congratulations! After following your blog for the past 24 months and we also achieving the same full-timing goal within the month, we can honestly say we know how satisfying it feels for you and Harry.

  3. Congratulations on being one step closer to living the dream. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Such fun!!! Congrats. It will feel so good after that closing is over. You need to go out and celebrate.

  5. Congratulations! That is the very best Christmas present ever!

  6. Woohoo! You're finally there. A few more weeks and work will be over too..then you can start planning all the places you want to see!

  7. I have followed you every step of the way. Thanks for posting all of it, you have given me a map to try to follow. Unfortunately, Craig is not always onboard.


  8. Congratulations maybe Harry can beg to retire a few days early, so you can be on your way to warmer climes....

  9. Congratulations!! I remember the feeling of "rounding a corner" in my life. Mine wasn't exciting then, but it is getting to be now. Enjoy!!

  10. Congratulations!!! That smile says it all! We are so excited for you two. Enjoy-enjoy-enjoy!!! :)

  11. It seems like such a short time ago that we got "acquainted" first on our blogs and then in person. You two were so wise to take the steps you did to clean up, toss out and set up. Way to go!

  12. Congrats on getting to the end of the "to do" lists.

  13. Congrats on your new lifestyle - well done. Just remember - now you're never behind schedule because there shouldn't be any schedule!

  14. Congratulations, so happy for you. We are looking forward to following you on your adventures. We will follow your footsteps in two short years. You have been such great role models.

    Bruce and Laura

  15. We're a couple of days late to the party. But, GONGRATULATIONS!

    We hope you treat yourselves to some relaxed, kicked back days. You certainly deserve them!

    We look forward to meeting you on the road some day. Meanwhile, we wish you many happy, safe and trouble-free miles as fulltimers!