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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Week!

IMG_3724It was one week ago today that we were hitching up and pulling out of the driveway with the fiver for the last time.

Other than the small issue with the water line a few days ago, the transition has gone pretty smoothly. At this point, I can’t really think of anything I miss. Really the only convenience I can think of that I don’t have anymore is the dishwasher, and I don’t really miss it.


We did have a little bit of a restless night last night. It IMG_3726was windy, and we could hear rattling and other noises. Our neighbor on one side has an awning out, and that flapping in the wind was pretty loud. And then when we did finally get to sleep, of course last night was the night that Crookshanks had to pick to jump up on the counter and knock a bunch of stuff off onto the floor. So it was a short night, but things like that happen no matter where you are.

IMG_3725Harry changed his hours at work, so on Mondays and Tuesdays we have been able to ride together. I just have the rest of this week and next Monday, and then I will be done with work anyway. Harry has thirteen more days to work, so we are both heading down the home stretch.

Tonight is the walk through for the buyers. The house is completely empty, and we will probably not be going back there again. There was a little bit of nostalgia when we left the last time this weekend, but it passed quickly. We are both looking forward, and can’t wait to start our travels in just a few short weeks!


  1. Six years ago we did the same thing you are doing. We sold the house and moved into a local RV park while I continued to work for the last couple of months. Then We took off and saw the US. We have visited 42 states and 5 Canadian provinces or territories. We have been to Alaska. It has been a wonderful life and neither one of us wants to go back to a house again. There is so much out there to see. We have made some wonderful friends too. In fact we have more friends now that we could count on to help us out if our RV broke down than we ever had when we were in the house. Good luck on your new adventure! There will be some adjustments to be made on the new lifestyle but it is worth it. ENJOY!!

  2. Won't be long now. Sure looking forward to reading about all your adventures. Have a wonderful Christmas.