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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crunch Time!

After all these years of planning and dreaming, fixing, sorting and cleaning out, this coming weekend is going to be a whirlwind, and I am starting to get VERY excited!

IMG_0030Yesterday was my day off, and it was such a productive day. We were both up at 5 am, and I was busy from the first moment, well, right after my first cup of coffee anyway.


giftpictureI sorted out my work clothes again, and now have just a couple week’s worth of outfits left. I also finished up our Christmas cards, which Harry will be taking to work and mailing today, and wrapped Christmas gifts. In between I also fit in a trip to the dentist, and accomplished some household odds and ends, like laundry etc. Last night we took a break to go to the movies, and I enjoyed relaxing after getting so much done.

So…this weekend coming up is the BIG final push. Our couch and bed are leaving this weekend! And we are moving back into the fiver in the driveway, probably on Saturday. By the end of this weekend, our house will be empty. I have only a few small items to put up on freecycle. Status of the sale – ALL inspections are completed and test results are back – everything was good. The buyers are waiting for their mortgage commitment, which they expect to get next week. Our closing could be anytime after that. We are thinking it will be the week of the 17th.

We have been watching the weather forecast, and so far…so good. Looks like we will at least get to the campground without any snow on the ground. And then we will have about five more weeks before we head south. Chances of not getting any snow are not good, but we are at least hoping for no major storms in that time period. Fingers crossed In 40 days we will be heading SOUTH!!


  1. We can identify with the 5:00am wake up times. We wish you a smooth transition this weekend and we will be thinking about you. You're smart to go through your clothes again...

  2. So exciting. Glad to hear you'll get to the campground without snow. And hoping you won't get snowed in.

  3. Hoping for good weather for you guys!

  4. You will have the best Christmas of your life this year. A real new beginning.

  5. Savor the "crunch time!" Jerry and I are so excited for you both!

  6. It is exciting to me to read about other who aregetting ready to "spread their wings and fly". Wishing you the absolute best!!

  7. Congratulations! The birds are about to fly!