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Friday, December 28, 2012

Is This IT?

IMG_3775I am sure hoping that the old saying that troubles come in threes is true. Because if it is, we’re done for a while!

First…our car this past Monday…

then…on Tuesday the leak…

and now…our air conditioner in the bedroom with the heat strip.

snowstorm2When we got up yesterday, I went to turn it up to our normal daytime setting, and the control panel was blank. I turned if off and then back on, but no go. Something is gone – whether it’s a part or the whole thing, we don’t know, but suffice to say, it’s not working.


So, we’ve called the rv place in Coxsackie where we have had all our service done. Now that we are in Catskill, we are pretty close, maybe 15 minutes away. Someone is coming by this morning to check it out. I sure hope this is IT!!!!!!

Seventeen days ‘til we hit the road!!


  1. There are always bugs to new rigs, especially once you start actually using it consistently. Hope you're done with this last incident!

    1. Yes, I know that it is probably happening now because we have moved in fulltime, and I'm sure the cold isn't helping either. But I still hope we are at the end of the repairs! :)

  2. It's so frustrating to have a new rig and all these things go wrong but it seems to happen to everyone. The snow and cold definitely don't make it any easier on you. Fingers crossed this is it for you.

  3. You will be up and running before you know it, just a few getting started pains!

  4. Arrgggh! We feel your pain :) They eventually subside (or so I'm told!)

  5. Ya that's the pits, but look at it this way, its good to get all these little worms flushed out while your still sitting still..... Once you take off, it is much harder to find the right people to work this stuff out....

    Eventually you will have a list of repair places in your mind for every area that you travel to... But that will take a while.... So its OK to get those kinks out now..

    1. Yes that's definitely true. I was thinking this morning that it was good we were still close enough to home that we could call our same repair place.