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Friday, July 21, 2017

Busy Week Having Fun

It was two weeks ago today that we went and picked up Schaun at his house for our first RV summer trip. It has been such a fun couple of weeks, but we are starting to get toward the end of our time here now. The day after tomorrow it will be time to head out, back to Ohio.

This week has been a little more laid back than our first week. It has been super hot, so we have been going to the pool every day and enjoying the natural cooling of the water. We were going to go to the Wolf Sanctuary nearby, but when I went online to make reservations for the tour, they were sold out – for the rest of the month! So if anyone ever wants to check that out, make your reservations early.

For the most part, we’ve just been eating meals at home while we’ve been here in Hershey, but we did want to treat Schaun to one special restaurant meal. We were tossing around ideas of where we should go, but then we remembered Schaun’s love of shrimp and decided that we would take him to Red Lobster. 20139941_10214403285702735_9002021231985252291_nHe had never been so he was pretty excited to check it out.

Here he is trying their cheddar biscuits for the first time!


Schaun with his very own “shrimp your way” platter…

He enjoyed half of it at dinner that night, and the other half for dinner the next night at home. Good to the last bite!

Yesterday it was finally time for our trip to HersheyPark. I didn’t get many pictures, actually hardly any, because Schaun’s favorite part of the park was in the water area, and there was just too much water spraying around to have my phone out.


Harry got this one solitary shot of me on the Scrambler – alone because I am the only one who likes the fast twirly rides!



This area, and the Wave Pool, is where we spent the majority of our day. Lots of fun, and again, it was another really hot, humid day so a great day to spend in the water.

We had a really fun day at Hershey, and I think it turned out to be a good day to go. It wasn’t really crazy busy and there weren’t super long lines, at least at the things that we wanted to do.

Today we will spend a little more time at the pool, and start getting packed up a bit. We have one more outing planned for tomorrow – to the State Museum of PA in Harrisburg.


  1. Sounds like Schaun has had a fun, exciting and busy two weeks!!! I am sure he will remember these two weeks all his life!! Great memories!!

  2. Very fun! Sometime you should look up Knoebels. It's one of the oldest family owned amusement parks in PA. They have an RV park, not sure if big rigs can fit. Schaun would love it!

    1. Yes someone else mentioned that place also, but unfortunately we had already bought the Hershey tickets online to take advantage of a lower price. Hopefully we can check that one out another time! :)