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Monday, July 10, 2017


19904896_10214302273737499_4473521484785805800_nThe town of Hershey has a lot of various sightseeing options. Eventually we will check most of them out, but today we were starting out with a trip to Zooamerica. As zoos go, I don’t think it’s huge. In fact, admission to Zooamerica is included with entrance to Hershey Park. But since we are here for two weeks, I didn’t really want to jam everything together. I think it will be more enjoyable for us that way.

We arrived at Zooamerica around 10:30, and I think it took us about 2 hours to see the whole thing. And we took our time about it – stood around and watched the animals at some of the exhibits for a while.

19958939_10214302266617321_2707208083617729351_nWe were lucky. The animals were pretty active compared to some of the previous times that I have gone to zoos.

Here Schaun is watching a porcupine. He was pretty taken with the porcupine, and that was his pick at the gift store on the way out. (Pictured in the above picture)





After leaving the zoo, we went over to the nearby Hershey Town Square, where we found a great spot to eat the lunch I had packed.


We had a really nice time checking out Hershey for the first time, and after returning to the campground, we enjoyed the pool for the rest of the afternoon. I even went down the water slide. No pictures of that – yet!

Tomorrow we are going to have a relaxing day around here…play some cards, and spend some more time at the pool.


  1. Do you guys belong to 1000 trails

    1. No we've never belonged to 1000 trails. We used to be in a few more groups than we belong to now, but the only ones we've stuck with are Good Sam's, KOA and Passport America.