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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seymour Mountain – Part 2

The hike to Seymour Mountain starts out as a nice hike in the woods. For the first five miles or so, it’s basically a nice gradual hike with a few small water crossings. (Although I saw some Facebook photos a couple days after we went, and those small water crossings had turned into impassable raging rivers, so it was a good thing we went when we did.)

19511560_10214156992225552_8785867732140729421_nOnce the climbing starts, you are climbing with a vengeance for the last two miles.


Up, up, up!!

Probably the most challenging part of the hike is the two thirds of a mile or so of slides.

19260369_10214156996185651_2914831927602459791_nWe all said more than once how grateful we were for trees, tree branches, and tree roots to hang on to as we climbed up these rock faces.



It was challenging and tiring, but great at the same time! I was thankful that these weren’t the wide open kind of slide. Being surrounded by woods as opposed to open makes it easier, in my opinion.

19598890_10214157087267928_8384939453883566196_nAlmost five hours exactly after we started, we arrived at the top! Another high peak accomplished!


We didn’t stay at the top long because there was a cold fierce wind, and right after we started down we had a quick rain shower move through, maybe fifteen minutes or so. We found out the next day that we lucked out because there was a line of thunderstorms with hail that moved through about that time. Other hikers on different peaks posted pictures. We must have been right on the edge of it. (Storms were NOT forecast for that day.) We were so grateful that we didn’t have to deal with that.

19601517_10214157152029547_2377803045439265972_nThe little bit of rain we did get made the slide areas slicker. It took us over an hour to make our way down the 2/3 mile.


Here Harry is giving some tips to one of the hikers in our party about what to hang on to, and where to step.



Once we got past that two miles, we had a nice walk in the woods. Well, we were tired so maybe we weren’t noticing the “nice” quite as much, but still it was the easiest part of the day.


It took us four hours and 40 minutes to get back to the trailhead.

High peak #7 accomplished.

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  1. Who needs Amazon when you can climb mountains to keep in shape? :)