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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Just Chillin’

The really nice thing about planning our visit over a 2 week period is that we don’t have to rush to see everything in just a few days. Yesterday we decided to stay home and get a little down time – whether that was better for the child or the grandparents, who knows! haha

We had a nice relaxing morning, watched a little tv and introduced Schaun to the game Phase 10. He did great with the game, but had a little trouble with the number of cards as his hands are too small to comfortably hold all the cards at once. I had seen one of those card holders for kids recently, and walked over to the office to see if they had one in the 19905035_10214290924493775_5263658147486389045_nstore here, but no luck. It must have been at the last campground where we overnighted. I am trying to figure out an alternative to make it easier for Schaun to keep track of his cards.

After lunch we went over to the pool. It was a cloudy day, and the pool is not heated, so I only made it into the pool for a short period of time – maybe a half hour. But Schaun didn’t even seem to notice the temperature at all – kids are so hardy in that respect. And on top of it, he made some friends. So we spent most of the afternoon at the pool – Harry and I relaxing in a chair by the side of the pool while Schaun and his buddies played  and had a good time on the slide. (The picture is from Sunday, when it was sunny – we didn’t see the sun too much yesterday.)

Our original plan was to go to Hershey again today, but one of his pool friends is leaving tomorrow, so we decided to put off Hershey for a day so Schaun can have another fun afternoon at the pool. 

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  1. Sometime downtime is the best time. Early in our RV days one blogger wrote that for the first few years they were sampling, but later they began to savor. We have done many things, and are now more picky. But it's still great.