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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trip Prep and Fun Day Out

We have been having a pretty laid back week. It worked out well that we arrived the day before the holiday, since we were able to go over and spend time with Harry’s daughter 19727242_10214249472697506_1461737968_oGretchen and her husband Will on their day off. Usually when we are here we don’t get a chance to see them too much. So on the 4th we went over to their place, and just spent a relaxing afternoon chatting, and watching the kids have a good time in the pool. Papa brought his suit along and had fun with Kenny in the pool.

It’s been a weird summer in the sense that we have spent so much time away from our place. We spent two weekends with our nephews when my sister was away. We spent another couple days visiting Rose. Then over the two weeks we were in the Adirondacks we were at my mother’s house for most of our meals. As a result, our fridge was practically empty! So yesterday we had a monster grocery shopping expedition to the local grocery store to resupply our food stocks. I even managed to find space for it in our fridge and freezer! We are all stocked up for our trip with Schaun.

In just a little bit, we are heading out to pick up Kenny at daycare. He’s a little too young to go with us on our trip to Hershey, but we want to spend some quality time with him while we are here. We are going to take him out to lunch and then to his first movie – Cars 3. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees that big screen!

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  1. So nice you can spend some quality time with Kenny. He's growing up!