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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Full House

After we dropped Schaun off at his house, we had one day to ourselves, which we spent doing a little grocery shopping and getting our things organized. Then on Thursday we drove back over to pick up both boys for another sleepover at Papa and Grammy’s. So much fun!

We decided to just spend some time at the campground. In fact, once we arrived back from picking the boys up on Thursday, we never even got back in the truck. We just relaxed at home and had a good time doing normal stuff.


Hanging out inside…

We went to the pool each day and enjoyed splashing around and chasing pool toys. It wasn’t quite as hot as it was when we were in Hershey, so we didn’t spend quite as much time in the pool here. We all ended up getting cold too soon to do that. We still had fun though. I’d rather have it a little cooler anyway. Nice not to have the a/c on.

20524291_10214535709573249_608025284_o (2)

Papa and Kenny having fun playing ball outside…


All of us playing frisbee…


Ariel making room for herself when Kenny and I were cuddling on the chair…

Yesterday Gretchen came over to the campground, and we all had a great time relaxing outside chatting. We all went to the pool, so the boys could show their swimming skills to their mother. Harry cooked up some burgers and hot dogs for a nice picnic meal. It was a really fun afternoon. Then we all played some more frisbee. What a nice day we all had! I even forgot to take pictures!!

We would have liked the day to last longer, but eventually it was time for our guests to head home. We sure love our “papa and grammy” time, even though it always goes so fast. And now we are down to our last week here. Bittersweet because we have been enjoying our time in Ohio so much. We still have a couple more days with the boys to enjoy yet before our visit is over for another year.


  1. Sometimes it is nice to just hang out in and around your rv...it is a relaxing fun with more of a one on one with the grands, Enjoying them it what it is all about and it is memories that they will not forget. Memories for you guys too.

  2. What a great summer you guys have had with the kids. George will finally get his granddaughter fix in October when we get to Pennsylvania.