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Friday, July 7, 2017

An Afternoon Adventure

Yesterday we wanted to have a fun day with Kenny, since we are taking his brother on a trip for the next couple of weeks.

19665385_10214251189380422_3654223172004159453_nWe decided to take him out to lunch and then to see his first movie on the big screen!

Kenny loves having his picture taken. He is a master of the selfie!


Kenny thought that pancakes sounded good, but when our lunches arrived, he was more interested in the fries on my plate, so we “shared”. (AKA Kenny ate all Grammy’s fries for lunch. haha)

After we finished lunch, we still were a little early for the matinee. The really nice thing about spending time with a three year old is that everything is an adventure. The movie theater is right across the street from Joann’s Fabrics, so we spent a half hour browsing all the neat stuff in the store, and Kenny picked out some cool minion stickers in the scrapbooking section.


And then it was movie time! Cars 3 turned out to be a great choice. Lots of great action scenes with race cars.

A fun afternoon!

Today we are getting ourselves ready for company. Last year we emptied out a drawer in the bedroom for Schaun’s clothes. It made it much easier not to have a suitcase sitting around for two weeks, so we will do that again. The cats are unknowingly enjoying their last quiet moments, although Schaun has been here enough over the years that they are starting to get used to him.

Tomorrow is travel day. Even though our destination in the Hershey area isn’t far away, I divided our traveling up into two days just to make it a little more relaxing for our company. So we’ll be traveling a very nice 160 miles to our overnight stop on the way to Hershey.


  1. Looks like Kenny had a great time!! Cars 3 sounds like fun to me!!
    Safe travels!!

  2. Nothing beats spending time with the little ones! We don't have grandkids yet - but when the time comes - we want to be the "cool" grandparents - the ones to take them to the best places - like you guys are doing!

    1. Yes it is so much fun to be able to share new experiences and new places with them. And as they get older we have plans for bigger and longer trips. We want to make lots of great childhood memories for them. :)