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Monday, July 17, 2017

Hidden Gem - Safari Time!

20023949_10214376004580724_7269673476662354437_oWhen I started researching the area in preparation for our trip, I did a pretty extensive (I thought) internet search for any kind of tourist place in the area. I had a pretty good list of places to go and things to do, enough to cover our two week visit. But our favorite experience so far was at a place that we only found out about by chance!

Last week at Zooamerica, on our way out, Harry struck up a conversation with one of the guides, who asked us if we’d had a good day. Upon hearing that we had, he recommended we check out Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, and we were so glad we did!

19990370_10214376961524647_706463726681717997_nThe place opened at 10 am, and we left in order to arrive right as they opened. That was a good move. We ended up with a really close parking spot and we were SO surprised when we left to drive out past fields of cars that had arrived after we had.


We started out with the hour long safari tour. Wow, what a great tour. We rode around in an open air bus, where the animals were traveling 19990191_10214377013165938_6322274896748363762_naround in free ranging groups. As we passed the different animals, the bus would stop and the tour guide would talk about the animals, their habits, where they lived, etc. 20032047_10214377011045885_193115711400677952_nIf I have any complaint about the tour, it would be that the guide simply talked without any kind of a microphone, and with all the excited kids on the tour it was really hard to hear what he was saying. But the overall experience was so great even without being able to hear him all the time.







We all really enjoyed the safari tour.

After the tour, we walked over to the other side of the park, where there were more traditional zoo type enclosures.




We got to see birds, primates, bears, as well as walk through a house of reptiles



19990498_10214377173649950_5941467809694068128_nWe finished up at the petting zoo.


We all had a great time, and the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has definitely gone to the top of our list for best experience of the trip!


  1. Hi Jess and Harry,
    We met at the CG you are in now when you first went full time. I wanted to say Hi we also saw you very briefly in Florida sounds like you are having a great time in Pa there is a great antique car AACA Museum in Hershey. Darlene Price

    1. Hi Darlene! Yes we were reminiscing about that when we were driving here last week. Hard to believe that was almost five years ago!

  2. Glad you came across such a great animal safari tour, I know y'all enjoyed it, especially Schaun.

  3. I've never heard of that place! Have to check it out when we're out there some year. I bet Schaun had a blast!

  4. Um..... and I thought I knew most every interesting thing in the area. Never knew this one.