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Saturday, July 1, 2017

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

I will be getting back to Part 2 of my Seymour Mountain climb post (spoiler alert – we made it up and back!), but first wanted to catch up on today’s events. Not that they are earth-shattering, but well, they happened today. haha

19650117_10214193635381608_1551534043_oWe woke up to once again cloudy skies. Today was departure day. Our fast two week visit up in the Adirondacks came to an end very quickly. The forecast today was for rain, but starting late in the morning, so we were hoping to get an early start and not have to hook up in the rain. We were successful. We actually got out ahead of schedule as we were pulling out of the campground at just a few minutes before nine.


As we were heading down the Northway (the nickname for the interstate that runs from the Adirondack area to Albany), we got our last view of the rocky mountain formations. Until next year.

19686704_10214193607220904_184568553_oWe really lucked out. Although there was rain all over the state, we basically drove on one side or the other of it until we got almost all the way to Utica. Had a bit of a scare when I saw on one of the facebook groups I belong to where someone had posted pictures of flooding in Utica (when we were about 15 miles away), but I checked the thruway authority and I-90 was still open. It was raining heavily though. It was the one part of the day where we really had to contend with driving through pelting rain. We were glad to get past it.


Once we got past Syracuse, we actually saw this pleasant view ahead of us. We really were under a lucky star today as we were able to hook and unhook under dry conditions.

This is our first time staying at Cheerful Valley Campground, and although we haven’t walked around yet, I do think we got the best site in the place!


As the campground is really full with all of the 4th of July campers, we love this site that is kind of off by itself with this huge yard. And tomorrow is even supposed to be a nice day!

We are here until Monday, and then we will be moving on to Ohio. We will spend a few days there before we leave with Schaun for a trip to the Hershey PA area.


  1. Looks like a great site!
    How long are you guys going to be in the Hershey area? Are you coming near NJ? Would love to meet up if you have time!

    1. We are going to be there two weeks. We won't be going east from there, as we have to go back to Ohio to bring Schaun home. :)