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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy Day Ahead

Yesterday was the usual Monday – headed out to work early, came home, had dinner… By the time we were finished with dinner, I thought about posting but was too tired. I ended up going to bed early and was fast asleep when Harry came to bed.

Today will be another busy day. I do have a little extra time this morning though. I am going to help out at a different branch, and they open a half hour later. Smile After work, Harry and I are going to the Albany City Mission to serve dinners – it is something organized by my work, so several of my co-workers will be there as well. This is our second time going to the mission; now we know what we are doing so that is nicer.

We then have to deliver popcorn orders to our local boy scout troop. Harry has been “Popcorn Kernel” of their fundraising sale for many years. This is his final one. It has been several years since his son Andrew has been with the boy scout troop. (He has now graduated from Graduate School and is working for GE.) There are other fathers now with young sons in the troop who are interested in taking over this responsibility, so Harry is happily stepping down after this year’s sale.

Phew! This whirlwind day will go by quickly I’m sure. I guess it is supposed to be 60 degrees here today too. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get out and enjoy it. Maybe a little will hang on for tomorrow. 

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  1. sounds like a busy day!...60 degrees??..woohoo..head to the beach!!..it is -7 celcius this morning here in British Columbia!!..goin' to the beach!!..NOT!!