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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Something Accomplished

Today was so much more satisfying than yesterday in terms of having something to show at the end of it. We were up bright and early and waiting for the arrival of the Hickory Hill cabinetry rep.

I didn’t want to make the poor guy self-conscious, so I took his picture through the window. Flirt male


He brought all of his samples again, so we could confirm our choices from the previous visit.


Here is Harry checking out the address of the place where we have to go to choose the tile for our backsplash.


This is the sample piece of granite we have chosen with the type of wood we will have for our drawers and cupboards. We will be going to AuSable next week to pick out the actual piece of granite which will be used for our countertops.


Once I had given all of my required input, I headed out with my sister to a local craft show. Our best find was a new vendor from Alabama who was selling beautiful handcrafted mahogany baskets. Denise and I both gave in to temptation and bought several.

Here is Denise with her purchases.


This is one of the baskets I purchased. It fit the qualification for items that I buy now – it is useful, as well as decorative, and we will be able to use it when we move into the fiver.


Several times recently, I have been getting comments about the fact that after we make all of these changes, the house will be so nice that we will not want to leave! No worries!! Be right back Harry and I are both very excited about our future lifestyle of travel and exploration, (not to mention no more house upkeep and heading south for the winter) and we definitely see all of these projects as a mean towards that end. We are hoping that the upgrades will mean that when we do put the house on the market, we will not sit here for months waiting for a buyer. Fingers crossed We are glad that we are doing the kitchen upgrade sooner rather than later though, so we can enjoy it for awhile before we sell.


  1. what a lovely basket!!..we, too think of things we buy now?..will they stay or will they go?..if they go..we buy if not we don't

  2. thanks for the widget idea!..retirement countdown on mine!

  3. A nice kitchen is probably the biggest advantage you'll have when selling your home. Women love great kitchens so it's money well spent.

  4. Your sister sure has a pretty name, Denise, Same as mine! LOL

    Love the cabinet and counter top samples.

    Travel Safe