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Monday, November 8, 2010

Here It Comes!

Well, I was going to share some pictures about our Thanksgiving gathering yesterday, but instead I am preempting that to show some pictures from a more current event. Sarcastic smile This is for all of my fulltiming blogger buddies, and readers who live in more southern areas – so that you may have an additional little something to be thankful for in this season of gratefulness!


The above picture is a view from my workplace this morning. The picture was taken with my cell phone so it’s not as clear as it might have been.


It snowed ALL day today!!


I don’t know if you can see it, but I tried to take a picture to show the snow coming down. See those tire tracks? Those at least two or three inches deep and are filled with wet slush! See that snow covered car? That is my car. Did I wear boots today? Nope. Did I have my snow brush? Nope. Did I bring my gloves? Nope. Annoyed 

Harry took these pictures when he got home….



Just because we celebrated our family Thanksgiving yesterday, it did not mean that I was ready for this! YUCK!


  1. Yup! That's snow alright! It's nice and sunny and warm out here on the west coast of Canada! Keep that snow down there, o.k.

  2. Glad that didn't come 1 day earlier!

  3. We got no snow here yet. But our time will come. Those tire tracks look like two hearts!!
    So cute!!


  4. Pretty...but glad I'm where it is 80 degrees.

  5. Oh yeah, fun stuff. I saw your area in blue this morning on the radar. We got some flurry activity Sunday morning as well. Thankfully it's warming up the rest of the week!

  6. We had fog and rain all weekend. Frost is predicted tonight. Good by crickets, they were still singing Friday night.

  7. OH WOW! Brrrrrrrr

    The heart shaped tire tracks are very cool!

    Well, since I've seen Xmas commercials already, this snow should also get you right in the spirit for decorating and shopping for the holidays.

    Be well,

  8. Haha! I didn't even notice the heart shaped tracks until you guys mentioned it! :) (I was too busy looking at the snow and slush.)

  9. Hey Joe, you have a "real" face now!! :) Yes, I'm glad it didn't come one day earlier too - you would have had a not so nice trip.

  10. YUCK, is right. It is nice and warm here in Texas.

    Travel Safe