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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a Great Day–Got So Much Done! :)

Today started off with a bang, bright and early this morning! We got up this morning and after having a cup of coffee, we headed back to Albany to take care of yesterday’s unfinished business. I bought my dress at Boscov’s and it opened this morning at 9 am. We were there shortly afterward, and made our way to the courtesy desk to have the ink tag removed from my dress.

Then it was off to another Home Depot.


This Home Depot had lots of closet pieces!

IMAG0003 IMAG0004

Harry had his list, and was checking it twice. (Winking smile I couldn’t resist.)


We were able to find everything we needed for our upstairs closets. We then headed for home, and as it was nearly 10:30 by this time, we stopped at a diner near our house to enjoy a late breakfast.

However, our productive day was not over at this point. After unloading our car, we began to get out our Christmas decorations. What a project! I’m reminded of the saying – it has to look worse before it looks better.

IMG_3727 IMG_3728

Ariel thinks this may make a nice hiding place…


And in one day, everything is done! All the Christmas decorations are out, the empty boxes are packed up and put away. What a great feeling!!

IMG_3733 IMG_3745
IMG_3736 IMG_3735

Looks pretty nice from outside too!



  1. What a nice tree! So nice to have everything up.

  2. great job decorating!!..not me not yet..I am in denial!!

  3. Looks great good job you guys! I will doing this too but not at home this year! I will set up the Fiver for Christmas and can't wait...I will post pictures too.

  4. Nice looking tree and decorations. You've beat us by at least 3 weeks!!

  5. Isn't it nice to have all the Christmas decorations done! The tree looks so pretty in the big window.