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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short Work Day

I am happy to say that the marathon day is over. As expected, it was a long one. We ended up landing at home a few minutes after 8 pm, with a sandwich from Price Chopper for dinner. We usually eat our dinner around 6 or 6:30 at the latest, so we were very hungry and made short work of those sandwiches!

Today should be a much more relaxing day, although I am going to work for a few hours. The branch where I helped out yesterday is short a person again today, so I am giving up a little of my day off for a little extra cash. I could have worked the whole day, but decided that 5 hours was enough for me.

Our nice 60 degree temperatures of yesterday were short-lived, and today we are back to reality. Even so, I am going to plan on walking when I get home this afternoon. I did end up passing my goal of 180 minutes of exercise last week (by 5 minutes) but that is only the beginning. Now I have to keep it up!

We don’t have a lot of preparations for our Thanksgiving dinner. Harry and I are planning on a nice turkey dinner with all the fixin’s but it’s just for the two of us, so it should be a pretty easy dinner. Sounds like we may be getting some sloppy weather tomorrow afternoon, so I’m just as glad we aren’t traveling. Should be a very enjoyable and relaxing day. Smile

Safe travels today to anyone hitting the road!


  1. 60 degree temps for Nov is great! I looked at one of my favorite webcams this morning in Wanakena, NY, and they have a little bit of snow on the ground. Take care and gave a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. By the way, we think you do a very nice job with your blog.

  2. Thanks for comming by Jessica... I have added you to my favorites and looking forward to following your adventures in preparing for fulltiming... We love it!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Congrats on passing your exercise goal! That's great!

    Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and Harry enjoy your Turkey dinner and, especially, all the leftovers!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Jessica & Harry! Hopefully there won't be too much early snow this year. Looks like we'll have good flying tomorrow (keeping our fingers crossed!)

  5. The weather down here (Alabama) is lopsided too. They expect 75 tomorrow but 49 on Friday. What do they know! They said it would be 74 and sunny today. It hit 62 and is drizzling and overcast.

    We wish you both a restful Thanksgiving.