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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whirlwind Day

Today was really busy, and went by very quickly. First I had my requisite five and a half hours of work. There were a lot of members coming in, and the morning went by like nothing. It seemed like no time at all until we were closing up and heading home for the rest of the weekend.

Harry was working outside doing some household winterizing chores. While he was finishing that up, I went for my walk. I did 5 laps today which was almost an hour of walking time. I am getting back on track! Harry finished up in time to walk for the final lap with me.

We then headed over to Home Depot for our shopping expedition. I am bummed because I forgot my camera – I was going to document our shopping trip. In the end, I would basically have been taking pictures of us buying nothing much at all! The only item we purchased was the dishwasher. Harry had chosen one online, but they didn’t have it there for us to actually look at. So we ended up ordering it. It will be delivered on December 18th. The best part about the purchase is that they are having a special with no interest for 18 months on appliance purchases, so we have a year and a half to pay for this dishwasher! That was the only success we had today. The faucets and showerhead that we had chosen online turned out to be only available online. And because it was only available online, we aren’t going to be able to use the 12 month, no interest promotion that arrived in the mail this morning. So that is a dead end. We have decided to wait and go back to our original plan, which was to buy those items sometime next year.

The other part of our plan for this afternoon’s trip to Home Depot was to pick up the closet organizer pieces for the two upstairs closets. But we didn’t have too much luck there either. In this case, there were too many options. After we started looking at all the choices for building a closet, we really didn’t know which pieces we needed to use, so we decided we had to do a little more research before we bought something. So we left the store pretty much open-handed. All we had was our receipt for the dishwasher! (Harry is looking at the Design a Closet section on the Home Depot site, so when we go back, we will know what we need to buy.)

After all of that window shopping, we were hungry, SO…yes I did get my trip to the Chinese buffet. Be right back

Phew, like I said, a whirlwind day! Now we are home, and settled in for the evening…


  1. Glad to see that at least the Chinese food part of your plan worked out well.

  2. sounds like a busy day at your house!1..glad you got your dinner out!!!

  3. Be careful - you are going to like your house so much after all the changes, you won't want to leave it!