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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Cats

We have two very content cats tonight. We barely saw them for the past few days because they were staying out of sight. But now they have emerged and are relaxing here in the living room, quite happy to have the house back to normal.

IMG_3693 IMG_3694

For Harry and myself, it was back to work today. Those three days off sure went by fast. And then yesterday, after everyone left, we headed upstairs and had a nice long nap. Flirt male It sure is nice to be a grandparent – spend some quality time with the young one and then send him on home!

I spent some time today looking over the amount of credit card expenses for the past few months. So far, our switch to cash has been a huge success. At the end of December, when we have been doing only cash for three months, I will give some actual examples, but so far we are both very happy with how things are progressing. The strange thing is, I don’t really feel like we’re doing things that differently. We still buy the stuff we like to eat; we still eat out on occasion; I don’t recall too many examples of not purchasing something we wanted. I think the main benefit has been in the awareness factor. With credit cards, it’s too easy to lose track of what we’ve spent. Two or three weeks go by, and all of a sudden, it’s like, wow, what did we spend so much money on? Now it’s simple – how much is left in our debit account? Alright, guess we can’t buy that until next Tuesday when we get paid. Sarcastic smile I am glad that we are starting this now – in 2 years and 9 months, when Harry retires and budgeting becomes even more important, we will already be used to it! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Im glad you had a nice visit :)
    Great news about the "cash only" deal. I have been doing that for a while now and it's working very well.
    Post an update in December so I can compare!


  2. I think your all cash plan is a great idea. Nice to see the cats are all relaxed and happy.

  3. I have always preferred to use the debit card for groceries and such. We use the credit cards all of the time because then we get a record of where the money went. The important thing is to pay them off each month. If using cash is the way to achieve that then go for it.

  4. Very good! Not charging is a good health decision. Amazing what you can get by with if you decide cash only.

  5. Cash Only works great. It is so easy to lose track when using the credit card

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  6. They say if you use actual "cash" vs a debit card it's even better. It's harder to part with cash.

    We bank online and I started having them send me emails on my daily balance. I find that very nice to keep track of how much money is in the account. Now that I have a smart phone, I have the information at my fingertips.