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Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Start to the Week

Today was the best kind of Monday – one where the work day went by very quickly. We had someone off, and someone else called in, so on the desk side we were very busy!


Our new automatic pet feeder has arrived. The cats haven’t totally adjusted to it yet. Having their dish of food attached to something with moving parts has them somewhat freaked out. They are going to it more and more, so hopefully in a day or two, they will be used to it. It really works great – we have it set to dispense food for a minute and 30 seconds four times a day.


no we are not getting ready to take a magic carpet ride! Flirt male This is the previous resting spot for our elliptical, which has departed our home for a new place of residence!! I was so glad to come home from work and find out that it was gone! Every new item we get rid of, especially large things like this, feels like a big step in the right direction. Hmmm….what should we get rid of next…..Be right back


  1. Woohoo!! Whittle whittle :) I like the auto feeder, that's pretty cool! Are they adjusting to the litter box thing?

  2. Yes, they seem to have gotten used to the litter box pretty easily. They probably like it because it smells so fresh. :) They were both eating from the auto feeder tonight, so guess that is going to be a success too.

  3. that auto feeder is pretty fancy!!..hope the kitties like it once they get use to it!
    congrats on making the 'sale'..one item at a time!!

  4. Good job on selling the elliptical machine. That auto pet feeder looks like it'll work out great for you!

  5. I think the last thing I will get rid of is my treadmill! To me it is symbolic with walking in the park.