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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger Problems

It’s been a frustrating few days with blogger, especially when it comes to commenting. I keep trying periodically to see if I can log in, but I get stuck in that endless log-in loop. I went to the Blogger help forum, and there were several threads there detailing the exact same problem. So I’m definitely not alone. But because of this, I haven’t been able to comment on blogs other than by just using my name. Some people don’t allow comments on their blog by someone if they don’t have an account, so there have been several times when I tried to comment and couldn’t. So that’s been a pain. According to the help forum, they are working on it. I hope they get it fixed soon!

Other than that, it’s a beautiful day here in the neighborhood! The sun is shining and it hasn’t rained all day!

Here Crookshanks is enjoying the sunshine and a coolish breeze.


A few days ago, we ordered some essential items from Camping World for our trip home from Tennessee. They came yesterday, and Harry enjoyed opening up the box and checking out all the items. We only have a couple more things to get before we head to pick up our fiver.


Today Harry started working on the floor in the downstairs guest room.



The last floor is almost done!

We are making some real progress on the house – hopefully by the end of this year we will only have a short list of items left to accomplish. Open-mouthed smile


  1. The hardwood will look nice and add value. Smart remodel.

  2. just like Christmas!!!..what was in the box?..I see a sewer hose?

  3. We ripped out the carpet on the floor in our downstairs bedroom and replace it with laminate before putting it on the market. The 11 year old son of the new owners is taking that room for his so the new owners are going to redo the floor with carpet. Sometimes you just can't win.