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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Quick Hello

We heard toward the end of the day yesterday that the condo sale is almost clear to close. Phew! Good thing we haven’t been holding our breath all this time. Maybe today…

I saw this on someone’s facebook page yesterday and had to share! I love it!! (It is a little blurry because I enlarged it.)


Have a great day everyone!


  1. Love the sign..too true! Keeping my fingers crossed for the close of the condo. Mine should be tomorrow..just waiting for the time. yay!!

  2. I saw that sign too... LOVED it!!!
    Have a super day

  3. have a great day Jessica!..sure will be nice to have the condo sale all DONE!!!

  4. Sure hope everything goes well for the condo sale.

    That sign may be changing to October 21st as that's the nutbar's new prediction!!

  5. The nut lives in our area. He said that God was just testing to see who had faith. He also said he was not giving any of his things away...