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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scenes From a Rainy Day

It is definitely a low-key Sunday. The rain is pouring down, and everything has become really green.


We haven’t heard anymore regarding the condo sale, which makes sense since it is the weekend! Thanks for all your words of encouragement though. We are holding to hope that we will hear very soon this week that we are able to set a closing date on schedule.

Mr. Rabbit was hanging out in this semi-dry spot under our back deck. The picture is kind of blurry, because I didn’t want to get too close and spook him. You can actually see the rain coming down in the photo. He stayed in position just until I took this shot and then was off to safer, if not drier, pastures.



Our backyard is finally greening up as well.


I wonder if we will get some roses on our bushes this year…


Looks like Ariel had a tough night.







Or maybe these rainy days just make her want to take a long nap!



  1. rainy days and Sundays are okay when they go together!..have a good one!

  2. A good day to just relax and take a long nap!
    Keeping you guys in our thoughts on the closing!

  3. We have had a steady cold rain here in the Chicago area all week. Yes, things are looking green and the spring flowers are blooming - but, I want to be outside.

  4. Looks pretty much like here - it's been raining all day.