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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interesting Week

And not totally in a good way.

Early Wednesday evening, I received an update from the realtor. Seemed that there was an issue with some certification for the condo complex where my condo is located, and we might have difficulty getting a clear to close from the bank for the type of loan the buyer is getting. That was a scare! The closing for the condo is supposed to be NEXT week. I passed the information on to my attorney (who is also my brother-in-law) and he discovered that they had used the wrong address. So my condo’s complex is not losing its certification after all. They have passed this information on to the bank and we are still waiting to hear if we can get a clear to close now. I am hoping that we are past this issue, but I won’t feel completely relieved until this closing is OVER.

Then yesterday, my computer decided to stop working. Well, I guess it could have been worse. Yesterday morning, when I was starting my computer, it wouldn’t start up. It just kept whirring and whirring. After three times of shutting it down and trying again, lo and behold, it started up. We checked our pictures and we hadn’t backed them up on the external hard drive since last May! So I copied the rest of them over, and backed up my Quicken program. We were lucky. Because that was the computer’s last hurrah, and now it won’t start up – at all. Yeah. Sarcastic smile Because we haven’t already spent enough money this month.

And finally, Blogger went down temporarily this week. It is amazing how used one gets to checking in with everyone and seeing what’s going on, and checking for comments on my own blog too! I missed you all!

I am glad this interesting week is over, and I hope that next week will be a better kind of interesting! (We are especially hoping for the end of our condo sale!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It was just something to get the old heart pumping...lol I lost info when Blogger came back up. That stunk!!!
    Have fun

  2. Oh for sure! Hopefully this time next week everything will be back to normal~!

  3. Seems like there is always something popping up to test our resolve and stress levels. Hope next week is calmer for you.

  4. Hope the condo thing gets straightened out. Last minute glitches are always scary.

  5. I just hate waiting for the "final" word in closing. Good luck and perhaps this was the last bump in the road.
    I lost my computer just before we headed to Tennessee. The screen just cracked....no drop or abuse of any kind. I am sure they will not see it that way. So off to the company it goes. We are now sharing....I hate sharing.
    I am also glad blogger is up and running once more.

  6. I can so sympathize with you on the closing thing! Just before my house closed I always thought that the buyers were going to change their mind or a stupid glitch will make them not be able to buy it. It seems like it's always something!

    I also was a little pensive when Blogger went down. Thank god it wasn't a virus issue and we would lose our blogs!

    Made me back mine up just in case.
    (the blog anyway).

    Sucks about the computer. Sorry to hear about that.

    Stay safe! Good luck and smooth happy thoughts coming to you from Western Canada on your sale!


  7. I say it is all Friday the 13th's fault!!

  8. Our closing is a week from Wednesday. I will cross my fingers for you if you will cross yours for mine.

    Are you going to the fall rally in Hershey? We signed up for it a few days ago. We will be back this way at that time and it is always fun to look at all the new models at the show after the rally.


  9. As I get older, I have begun to learn that, somehow we always get beyond these problems, like condo closings and such. They want it to close, because if it doesn't, they can't get paid!!

    So with the proper push from your attorney, I'm sure it will come out eventually.

    Lucky deal you got your stuff off of that computer before it died. They always say the time to buy a new machine is before your old one gives out!!


  10. Just catching up on Blogs. Hope that straightens out the condo thing. It seems getting to closing is such an ordeal anymore. I know ours got set back by about a week and it was very frustrating. Hope it is a better week.