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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day :)

Another beautiful day. So nice to have a picture perfect weekend.

After watching the weather over the past couple of days, Harry decided that today was the perfect day to lay down some fertilizer on the lawn. Today has been in the 70s, with no wind, and the next four days are supposed to be rainy.

We slept in until almost 8 am today! And then, after our nice big Sunday breakfast, we headed outside.


While Harry was spreading the fertilizer, I walked a couple laps around the neighborhood. There were some spots of color throughout the development.



It finally looks like spring around here!


The leaves on the tree on our front lawn are still slowly making their appearance.


Harry joined me for the last two laps around. Wow, such a gorgeous day! I am glad we were able to get out and enjoy it.

I also spent some time today working on the downstairs bathroom closet. It was completely cluttered with an assortment of items. I took basically everything out and we filled a box with stuff to be thrown out, and a few items for the garage sale. There is still stuff in there that will probably end up being thrown out before we move into the fiver, but since they’re still “good”, we will leave them there for the next year and a half, just in case we’re thinking some day, maybe we should stop at the store and pick up a bottle of Glucosamine Chondroitin, and then I can say, wait a minute, I think we have some in the bathroom closet! Sarcastic smile

From cluttered…to almost empty…and finally today’s “keepers” rearranged….

001 010 011

For the rest of the day, we will probably just relax and enjoy the sunshine. BBQ for dinner – of course! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Good job on that closet. Now you know whats in there!

  2. Nothing better to do on a Sunday than to enjoy the weather with your loved ones! Also so glad that you were able to clean up the closet, I always feel relieved when I declutter my home. Hope that you have a nice week ahead of you, and more beautiful weather :)
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  3. LOL -- You just never know when that Glucosamine Chondroitin might come in handy. Unfortunately, we can relate. . . .

  4. Thanks for the reminder about fertilizing the lawn - my job for tomorrow is now clear!

  5. great job on the closet!..I have a few to be done?..want to come on over and 'help'??

  6. It always feels good to tackle a closet! It is starting to look like spring.