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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Short Postscript

Harry uses Google Chrome so I tried logging in to Blogger on his computer – no problem! So I have downloaded Chrome and will use that for my blog reading and commenting for the time being. I’m not a huge fan of Chrome so far – I like my favorites bar and some of the other features of IE. But maybe after using it a bit more, I will change my mind.


  1. No doubt a good move until Blogger is able to resolve the current problems they seem to be having.

    I'm going to offer a couple of suggestions in my blog tomorrow for folks who are having trouble with IE and don't want to change. No guarantees that it will work, though.

    In Chrome, you can display your 'favourites' or 'bookmarks' by clicking on the 'wrench' symbol in the top right-hand corner, then 'tools', then 'always show bookmarks bar'.

  2. Cool! Thanks Rick - now I have my bookmarks bar!! :)

  3. I may have to switch to "chrome" so any hints or tips and reviews are appreciated.

  4. Like Rick says, click on the always show bookmarks bar under tools so you can see where your going. Chrome will grow on you because you can type anything into the search bar and it will look it up or go there without any fuss. What I really like about it is the most visited tabs that open up when you open a new tab. I feel lost without those now when I go back to Firefox. I never could get into IE in any version, so I am bad about not recommending it.


  5. I gotta tell you I'm sick of blogger's issues! They've gotta fix them soon, or I'm switching to WordPress!

    Other than that, a nice day!

  6. http://2takinga5th.blogspot.com/2011/05/firefox-and-blogger-commenting.html

    Lots of folks having issues, the same and similar.

    Chrome seems to be the best answer, probably because it's also a google product like blogger. I prefer Firefox so am using the add-on as a workaround.

    As to the missing followers, they are still following just not displaying. I suspect they will show again someday.

  7. google chrome works for me until I go to do my online banking..and the roboform doesn't come up on the tool bar!..blogger seems to be fine now ..my followers are back..yippeee!!