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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Quick Trip

It has been another beautiful day, with lots of sunshine. It’s been a little muggy but I’m still enjoying the warmth after all the rain and cool weather.


The cats are enjoying the screen door to the back deck being open most days now.

Today’s main project - we were heading to my sister Denise’s today to bring the riding mower over to them. Another item out of our garage!!


And our first time towing anything with our new truck.


I brought my camera and intended to take a couple pictures there – but when we got there, I got chatting and forgot!

After our quick trip over to Denise and Mike’s, we headed to Albany to do a little quick shopping. We bought some king size sheets for the bed in the fiver, and a torque wrench – but the torque wrench turned out to be the wrong size, so Harry will be returning that this week. He has since found a better deal for the right one online. Thank goodness for internet!

I took this picture on our way home – you can see the haze over the city.


So it’s been another nice day, and now we are hanging out, relaxing and enjoying a sudden breeze. It feels like there could be a storm in the area.

I am so glad that we have another day to this long weekend. Smile

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Enjoy your extra day of relaxation.

  2. That's a cute photo of the kitties enjoying the view. I'm sure they are enjoying the warmer temperatures.

  3. Thanks for the advice on Chrome. I am considering it. Right now, the frustration level is so high!

  4. Are these new pictures of the cats? Ariel reminds me of one of the cats we had when I was a little girl. A pretty calico.

  5. Yes, I just took that picture of the cats yesterday. But it's an easy picture to get - they hang out in that door pretty much every day. :)

  6. Every step is important. Your truck sure looks nice!
    We use google chrome and love it!