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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Trip Around the Homestead

Harry and I have landed at home after a fast trip up north. This morning I decided to take a few pictures around the little corner of the world where I lived for my first twenty years.

I walked down the street a bit – in the foreground of the picture is the house where I grew up, and in the background you can see a little bit of the house which my great-grandparents built, which is where my maternal grandparents lived for much of my childhood as well. I thought I took a better picture of my grandparent’s house, but I guess I didn’t.


When I was growing up, I was surrounded by family. My maternal aunt lived in the house to the right of ours, and my paternal grandparents lived in the house behind where I was standing to take this picture.

001All of these trees around the house were small when I was growing up. Every year my dad would go up to the forest behind the house, and find a couple small trees that met some criteria he had, and he would dig them up and put them in the back of the tractor, and plant them in our yard somewhere.


The trees in the corner of the fence to the left of the picture were so small when I was young that my cousin and I would build a “fort” in the summer by attaching a blanket to the fence with clothes pins and drape the other end over the tree.


If you look down the driveway toward the garage, you can see a yellow trailer to its left. When I was young, that was where my parents had their garden. When my grandparents got older, and their house became too big for them, they sold it, and bought a trailer, and moved it to the spot where the garden used to be.


This cute little spot is our future landing area when we travel up to “the homestead” with our new fiver. Those little trees were going to be moved anyway, so that will work out great.


And one last picture of the view from the front porch. You can see the house where my dad’s parents used to live.


I took more pictures of our trip back to the capital region, but I think I have already put in enough for one post!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Tomorrow is Monday – back to work, ho hum, and hopefully we will finally hear something about scheduling the closing for the condo.

Good night, all!


  1. The trees at my childhood home have also grown up from mere twigs into amazons! I choose to believe that only the trees have aged and not me. . . .

  2. When we move here there was a small douglas fur down hill that I thought would be just right for a Christmas tree. It is now a towering giant!

    Funny we don't notice the growth from year to year.

  3. great trip down memory lane!!..thanks for sharing a little piece of your history!!

  4. Thanks for the tour of your old homestead. Looks like you'll have a very nice place to park your new rig when visiting!

  5. Thanks for the tour... I enjoyed it!
    Have fun