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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gathering Essentials

Ok, so tonight’s blog will bring the answer to the question I’m sure you all have asked, Winking smile just what was in that box from Camping World?

A few essentials have been on our “to pick up” list for the past few weeks since we made the decision to purchase the fiver. So here, in no particular order of importance, are some of the items we have bought in preparation for our trip to TN in 3 weeks…

We had to buy a set of sheets, as we do not have a king size bed in our house. We are looking forward to having one in the fiver.


Chocks to prevent the trailer from moving when we are set up in a campground…

007 008


A sewer hose bayonet to connect to the campground sewer line…



A multimeter tester to ensure proper electrical current at the pedestal before we plug in….


A water filter stand to prevent the water filter from laying on the ground (we already had the water filter). We also ordered a new cartridge for the filter, but that is backordered and should be arriving any day now.


A tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure on the tires for the truck and fiver…011




A sewer hose support to…support the sewer hose Be right back



And finally…

a lube plate to lubricate the trailer hitch without having to apply grease.

And there you have it, our supplies for the trip so far! We have a couple big purchases left to go in the coming year – especially a pressure pro system – but that will have wait for a bit yet while our bank account recovers from the past couple months. Smile


  1. Camping World is a dangerous store, don't ya love shopping for your new "home"?
    I can't wait to collect Tara and start buying toys for her too!


  2. Camping World is an 'expensive stop' either on the internet or in person!..love Camping World!..it is the best place on earth other than Disneyland!

  3. We pretty much bought everything we want at this point all in one stop because I got an email saying they were offering free shipping for one day. :) I definitely have to stay away from the Camping World site - way too many tempting things!!

  4. You sure went to town at Camping World. Sounds like you are going to be pretty much set now for your trip.

    Always fun picking up new things for the RV.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. love our X chocks! good choice. Have fun!

  6. Camping World... we have spent many of bucks there!!!
    Have fun