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Sunday, June 5, 2011

And More Fun!

It’s been a great weekend! Of course, I have taken tons of pictures, but I will only share a few of my favorites. Schaun is talking now, and we hear tons of pa – pa, pa – pa, telling Harry to come play, and there is also an approximation of grammy that took me awhile to realize what he was saying.


Schaun loves the kitties and would love to pet them, but they are not as enthralled with him, and make tracks for the basement and upstairs as soon as Schaun emerges from the bedroom.


Here Ariel is relaxing while she keeps a watchful eye on the hall.


It has been the best kind of weather weekend – highs in the 70s and low humidity.



Here Papa is reading Little Miss Muppet for maybe the fifth time. And at the end, I would hear, grammy, grammy, look! It’s so great, and something I never expected to hear. Smile Both Harry and I are looking forward to being able to share some fun times traveling with Schaun.

This is another favorite picture of mine. Schaun was upset yesterday that dinner wasn’t ready when he was ready to eat. Harry was distracting him by pretending to do the same. So here is Schaun comforting Papa.


Well, it’s time for another exciting day!

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  1. I remember those days when the kids would be stuck on one book. I had Richard Scarry's Rymes memorized, I read it to my son so many times. I can still recite many of them. He is a real cutie!