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Friday, June 24, 2011


It all came together.

We started out this morning with our departure from the campground in Virginia.Packing up and hitching went very smoothly, and although it was a tight fit, we made it out of the campground without any mishaps.

IMG_4743 IMG_4744
IMG_4745 IMG_4746

And then we were on the road. Today was a three state day, although we only traveled about 215 miles.

IMG_4749 IMG_4751 IMG_4752

There were dark skies all around us for parts of our trip, but we didn’t actually see too much rain – for a change!!

IMG_4753 IMG_4754
IMG_4755 IMG_4756

We got off at the exit for the campground, with fingers crossed that this would be an easier landing.

The road to the campground was actually paved, with enough room for two way traffic!! (Good sign.)



And the campground itself was so open – no concrete pads to negotiate around!


And we have a nice large open pull through site. Smile



Only one little misstep for us – we forgot to make sure that our sewer connection was close enough to the campground sewer – and we had already unhitched! So we had to hitch back up to move the fiver a few feet.


I don’t think our next door neighbor is going anywhere anytime soon.


And now we are settled for the night, relaxing with a wonderful…




take out pizza delivered to our door.


  1. That looks like one happy fella!

    Good day, good RV Park, good drive, good pizza!

    Yay for Day 3!


  2. I always hop out and see if my cords are going to be long enough before I even turn off the engine. But I too have had to do some jockeying that I hadn't planned on at times.....

  3. Sorry we aren't able to see you as you fly by our part of PA. We are enjoying ourselves up in the northern tier :) Glad this campground was a bit easier!

  4. Hey... Practice makes perfect!!! I think you're doing great and having fun is the main thing!!!
    Travel safe

  5. told you it would get easier!..I can remember we got parked in a KOA in Astoria..unhooked the truck and levelled the trailer..pushed the button to put the slide out?..not enough room almost hit the 30 amp power pole..needless to say we had to hook up again and move the trailer..
    enjoy the pizza!!!

  6. Take out pizza delivered to your door???...now that's living the good life.

    I think you guys are getting the hang of it.

  7. Ah another thing to look forward to some day. Living in the mountains we do not get delivery pizza here to our house. Maybe someday in our RV!

    But then I like my own home made best. I wonder what kind of oven I will have. Will it do pizza?

  8. Congrats on another nice, safe drive! Slow and easy makes it all come together.

    As for having to hitch up and move a bit - been dere, done dat!! I think everyone has, that's how you learn!

    Good looking pizza!

  9. Love the new headliner pic! You both look so happy! K