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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Progress

Today was my day off, and I spent it getting stuff organized for our trip. I was able to find a checklist of “Common RV Essentials” and gathered up most of them, especially for the kitchen and bath areas. I have one plastic tub completely filled, and a second partially filled. Tonight Harry and I started packing a suitcase with our clothes, and we are pretty much finished in that regard. Just a few last minute items to throw in on Saturday

Unlike our trip in April, we really aren’t going to try to bring too many food items. We have too many other things to bring with us. We will wait until we get down there, and will go to a Walmart to stock our cupboards. 


It’s been a new kind of packing for me. What to bring – for dishes, for cooking, etc. I went to Target today and found some really bright and cheery plastic dishes on Clearance. So I picked them up, and now we are set. I also found some collapsible measuring cups, and I picked up a couple over the door towel hangers to organize our kitchen dish cloths.

We hope by Friday night to have everything ready for our trip so that we can pack the truck. I am ready to hit the road!!


  1. Isn't it fun shopping for your new RV!! :)

  2. so much fun buying new stuff!!!..enjoy the process!!

  3. It's an exciting time to be going to get your RV. Have Fun!

  4. Pretty exciting stuff. Be sure to bring a pen and paper to write down all the stuff you 'didn't bring that you need'!! That's always fun too realizing how many common things seem to be left behind. All part of the fun learning experience. That's why they have Walmarts along the way, I guess.

  5. The best part of starting out is buying all the new stuff... Soon you'll be adding more and getting rid of the things you really don't need! Have fun!!!

  6. I found your blog thru Tumbleweed and I'm so glad I did! I'm almost reliving our adventure thru reading your posts! I remember buying the new dishes (and the ones you chose are so pretty!)and other things in preparation for the "launch." We even have similar rigs!!! So, I'm excited to follow you on your journey and hope we'll bump into you someday on the road.