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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Long and Great Day

We were up bright and early this morning, after a very short night, and we didn’t even rest this afternoon! Be right back We had too much excitement going on around here.

Here is our “interesting” view – out the back window and front window.


A little after 8 am the guys came over and picked up our truck.

Max is on his way!


And a couple hours later, Max was back and outfitted with our new hitch.


I unpacked the last of our supplies, while Harry figured out how to work everything, like our new fireplace.



And our tv works too!

We have both been enjoying ourselves today so much! I cooked our first meal, and found a place for everything.

I think something that we are both finding strange is that we don’t feel like we’re on vacation. Being in our fiver just feels very normal and life seems natural. It is going to be so difficult to go back to “reality”.

I took pictures of the whole place for a visual tour but I think I already have enough pictures in this post for one day. I will post them soon – as soon as I have a day without a lot of other stuff going on! Open-mouthed smile It probably won’t be tomorrow – because tomorrow will be our first hitching and towing experience. I will have lots to share, I’m sure. Wish us luck!


  1. You want to be wished luck? YOU HAVE IT! And a happy new home.

  2. Nice hitch! That's the one George fell in love with too, there at RV's for less. George wants to know if Harry got the spray-in liner for the truck? It looks great!

  3. I love reading your excitement!! That is just so awesome! :-)
    We are happy for you guys....just enjoy!!

  4. Good luck with hitching and towing. You can do it and will be just fine. It's a good thing that you already feel "at home" in your new RV. Enjoy and HAVE FUN!!!

  5. I've been sittin' on the edge of my seat waiting for your post! You're gonna LOVE your fireplace! Ours will almost heat the whole place and it's so pretty with just your mood lights on!
    Good luck with your towing-you'll do just fine! One thing you might watch for is the hitch cover clearing the side of the truck if you make a sharp turn. They will turn 90° but the cover might not clear completely...we learned it the hard way.
    Enjoy and thanks for letting your Bloggyland friends share in your journey!

  6. Pay close attention as they teach you how to run everything. Some folks use a video camera so they can go over it again at a later time. Cheap cameras can be found for around a hundred bucks to take the video. Perhaps you new camera will do it.

  7. so glad for the two of you!..nice to see that everything works and you are feeling like you belong in the fiver!!..safe travels tomorrow!!!

  8. Congratulations! Have a blast -- it's such fun! :)

  9. I'm anxiouis to see the photo tour. What I see so far looks sooooo gorgeous. Glad you feel at home.

  10. How exciting!! Can't wait to see more photos.