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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Busy Week So Far

Another busy and whirlwind week is underway! A good part of the past couple of days has been spent researching auto/homeowner’s insurance with various companies. Back in 2009, we switched our insurance after getting a quote and discovering that we could save several hundred dollars a year by moving our business to this other company. Well, after that first year, each year our policy has gone up considerably (explained by the agent each time as a rate increase the company implemented across the board) so that when we got the new paperwork for this coming year, we discovered that we were now back to what it was costing with the previous company before we switched. We decided it was time to get shopping again, and found a cost that is more to our liking. So a lot of our time this week has been occupied by filling out the paperwork and faxing/emailing it to our new and old insurance companies.

We are also enjoying the return of our normal routines as our little guy has gone home. It is a lot of fun to have him, and we love it when he comes for a visit. But it is also nice to get back to “normalcy”.

Today I emptied out the dresser in our bedroom. We are going to use the new closet in our upstairs hallway for our clothes, and have movers coming in July to bring the bedroom set and the desk/credenza in the office to Harry’s son. He is currently living about 25 minutes from us, but will only be here until August. The company that he works for takes care of moving all of his furniture, so we have decided to bring these pieces to him while he is close by. It will be much easier than trying to get everything to him next summer when he could be anywhere in the country! This means that we are on a deadline – the office furniture and our dressers have to be emptied out and ready to move by July 24th! Also, the dining room table and hutch are going to Harry’s daughter in August. So, by the end of this summer, a lot of the furniture will be out of the house. Smile

Ten days until we leave for Tennessee!


  1. I must have missed where you're coming to in Tennessee!

  2. Isn't it liberating finding a place for the stuff?

    (Jessica, my husband wants to know what year you graduated from Ausable Valley HS. He attended there until 71/72, then finished at MAI in Plattsburgh. He was just curious :) Thanks so much for your comments on our blog!)

  3. Wow, time is swirling by! You are so close to getting the fiver!!

  4. Jess I have a great insurance guy...full service and very honeast I have all of my atuff with him...Neil will sit and go over everything until you totally understand everything about your policies. He is very knowledgeable on many subjects,,,a super resource!

  5. I know what you mean on increase in premium. I decided to shop this year and saved $1000 a year with auto and homeowners. I was insured with the carrier I work for and couldn't believe the increase. Just make sure you are comparing the same coverage. Not all policies have the same coverage.