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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back In the Swing

Well, we are halfway into our first week back at work, and are getting back into our normal routine. I can’t say it seems completely normal, seeing that we have an unusual sight out our front window these days. I believe we are mostly unpacked. For the first three days after we got back, we ran outside every time we needed something that we had brought with us on our trip.

We have a lot going on around here in the next month. In about three and a half weeks, the movers will be coming to take a bunch of our furniture to Harry’s son Andrew. He will be taking the dressers out of our bedroom set, the huge tv out of our bedroom, the desk and credenza out of the office and the queen size bed that was in our downstairs guest room. Then next month we take a few more pieces to Harry’s daughter. Our house is going to seem so much larger after all those huge pieces are out of here.

We also have made an appointment with a realtor, who will be coming by next week to look over the house and work up a market analysis for us. All of our planning up to this point has been based on guesswork, and what we think and/or hope our house would be worth. So we have decided that it is time to find out a more solid number. So we have some organizing and arranging to do before next Wednesday! When we are finished, I will give you a little tour of the house. Smile

Have a great evening!


  1. This time will really go quickly. But some days it will seem like your time will never get here. Been where you are, it is worth the wait.

  2. Getting rid of your furniture will definitely make your house seem bigger. . .& get you better prepared for moving into your RV because you'll start realizing how much of that 'stuff' you didn't really need or use. So as you start to 'rattle around in your nearly empty house', you'll start thinking of your RV as being cozy, homey, & just right!

  3. I predict that you will be on the road sooner than later! :)

  4. I don't think you are going to be able to wait to long.

  5. purging the furniture is a great idea!..good luck ..hope your numbers come in with what you want!

  6. Purging is a hard thing to do... at least for me it was. But I am glad we did it!!!
    Have fun