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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, it “warn’t” pretty, but we are parked in the driveway.


And we only tied someone up on the road once for a few minutes!


I never realized what an incline we had in our driveway. I saw it yesterday when “Max” was working to move the fiver back toward the house.

My car is parked under the front of the fiver, which is a weird feeling!




We all fit!!



Other than getting her into the driveway and setting up, it was an mostly uneventful day. Harry had to run to the hardware store to get more cement blocks because we didn’t have enough, and we temporarily lost the keys to the fiver. Oh, and we took the cats out for a little while to start letting them get used to their future home, and my little Ariel managed to find her way under the bed to hide and we had to force her out with a few sprays of water from a spray bottle. Ok, maybe it wasn’t too uneventful. In love But right now, I am in the “all’s well that ends well” frame of mind.

We are already planning our next trip, which unfortunately will probably be our only other trip this year. We are going to go to Lake George for a few days in September, and I am already looking forward to it.

Between now and then, we have a lot planned for the summer. Next on our agenda is cleaning out our office. Four weeks from today, the movers will be coming to take the furniture to Andrew. So we have some work to do before that weekend.

Today we will be unloading the fiver, doing laundry, and all the other fun stuff you have to do when you come back after a week off and have to go to work the next day. Thinking smile ho hum…

But now I can always steal a few moments for dreaming….the dream is sitting in our driveway….Open-mouthed smile


  1. She looks nice all safely tucked away in your driveway! You are fortunate to be able to keep the rig close to you and not have to go to storage!!
    So much easier to load up.
    Glad you returned safely and are already planning your next trip.:-)

  2. Wow! You guys did a great job getting the rig parked in the driveway! Impressive! Congratulations on having your new home at home! :)

  3. Nice new header... Love it!!! Glad you're getting all settled with your new 5ver'.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. As Happy Trails commented, you are lucky to not have to do the storage lot business. We have to drive three miles to load and unload stuff, but we cheat and leave the rig in the street for a few hours while we get loaded (unloaded).

    Have you considered an RV parking pad on the right side of the driveway?

  5. You will find it does get easier as time goes on.

    I am wondering -does Jessica pull the rig? I am getting better at it. But no town/city of heavy construction area yet!


  6. I have not yet pulled the rig (or driven the truck). I am planning to - we are going to take the driving school as soon as we can, and I will probably wait until then to drive the truck and fiver. We would love to do the driving school next year, but since we will still be working, the following year when we hit the road will probably be our first chance to take the course.

  7. welcome back home!..nice to see your 'dream' has become a reality!..love love the new header shot!..it says it all..brings tears to my eyes to see you both so happy!!!..

  8. I'm not so sure I would be able to look out the window every day and not want to take off!!!

  9. I like your new header! You guys look good in front of that fiver. Glad you made it home all safe and sound.

  10. You sure have a full driveway now. Are you going to keep the rig there all the time? Your new header picture is great! Enjoy these wonderful moments. We look forward to seeing you down the road somewhere, sometime.

  11. I must say, for your first trip you were super successful...no dents or scratches, no water leaks, no frig doors swinging open...
    At least your new addition is close enough to add things as you get them and maybe just go out and sit inside for awhile...dreaming of the day she'll be your home.