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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tired Out

While Harry and I had an absolutely wonderful week last week – it was NOT relaxing, and we both headed back for our first day back at work today – exhausted! But now Monday is over, and we are home relaxing, and hopefully we will get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

It is quite the strange feeling having the landmark sitting out in the driveway. I so want to be back out there on the road heading for someplace new! Both Harry and I agree that neither of us were missing our house when we were living in the fiver. I was missing our cats – if they had been with us, it would have been completely perfect!

I thought I would take a couple minutes tonight to answer questions that have come up in the comments.

Have we considered an RV parking pad in our driveway?

No, not really. RVs are not anywhere near as common up here as we have found them in the more southern regions. We were so surprised to find an RV section at the Walmart we went to in Tennessee last week. I had never seen a section dedicated just to RV living before. Whatever we have up here would be found in the Sports section with the camping stuff. If we weren’t going to sell our house in the next year, we might consider it. But the likelihood that the people buying our house would appreciate another parking pad next to the driveway is not high. So we are going to work around the fiver in our driveway.

Are we able to leave the RV in our driveway?

As far as we know, they are not prohibited. Probably again due to what I said above – the issue just doesn’t come up very often around here.

Have I driven the truck while we were towing?

Nope. Haven’t actually driven the truck at all yet. I plan to, but I probably won’t until we take the RV driving school, which we plan to do as soon as possible. Next year, if we can, but definitely when we hit the road.

This wasn’t a question, but a few people have mentioned walkie-talkies for communicating while we were maneuvering into a spot. What we did, and it worked GREAT, was use our phones. The truck has a bluetooth system that works through the radio. So I just called Harry and then we could talk about it as we were getting into or out of places. We had thought of it before we went to TN, and it really worked so well.

So that’s all I can think of to write about tonight in my newly back to work state of mind! Have a great evening everyone!!


  1. I think it is like learning to drive all over, the first few times are nerve-racking, But soon we will be comfortable....I hope! I like the phone idea, hadn't thought of it! (You are so smart!)

  2. Sounds like you're thinkiong ahead and that is good... When we sold our house 7 years ago and moved into Tassie we have never looked back. We love this lifestyle and still see no end to our lifestyle!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. It is sometimes hard to get back in the swing of things after being off for awhile. You all had a spectacular week last week!!

  4. Rest up while you can and then get back out there...when you can.

  5. we use to use the walkie talkies..but I like the idea of using the phones!..great idea!!

  6. We actually use walkie-talkies as a back up when we don't have good cell reception. Great for when boondocking!
    (We'll have to try the Blue-tooth idea.)
    Rest up, your next trip will be here soon! K