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Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the Snow Drought



Well, last year we managed to get through the whole winter without any major snowstorms. But our luck has run out.


It started last evening right on schedule and came down fast and furious.



It is still coming down right now, but its kind of a snow/sleet/rain mix. It is supposed to stop sometime early today.





This is the view from our front door this morning.



The campground owner has been making circles around getting the road plowed. In a little while we will have to get out there and shovel a path in front of our vehicles and open up the way from our fiver to the campground road. We are hoping the temps come up at some point in the next two weeks so some of this stuff melts before we have to make our way out.

IMG_3768I had some comments on yesterday’s blog about our leak and the temps underneath the fiver. The leak in our plumbing seemed to be caused by crimp rings that weren’t completely sealed, and the use of plastic plumbing parts rather than brass. Harry replaced the silver crimp rings with sharkbite crimp rings and replaced one plastic fitting with a brass one. We do have two electronic thermometers – one behind the basement wall near the water pump and one in the docking station – with readouts that we can check inside. The temps have never gone below 40 degrees down there, so the leak was not caused by anything freezing, thank goodness!

More pictures to come later from the snowy north!


  1. We had the same wet, slushy stuff yesterday here in NJ but last night it turned to rain coming down. This morning the snow is all but gone, just little patches here and there. We're certainly getting more snow/sleet/rain this Winter than last year. Glad you got your leaks sorted out. :)

  2. we had a similar issue last spring with our Cedar Creek and the famous crimp rings - although we only had 3 leeks. A local plumber says the crimp rings on plastic are not good in climate where the temps can get as low as they do in MN and now NY. Good Luck on getting south.