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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Here comes August

20526121_10214548717738445_8376714837255856674_nWow, August 1st. Two weeks from today we’ll be arriving in Avon Park, which is a weird but very exciting thought! Harry and I have been watching the weather down there, and it hasn’t been too crazy – high 80s and low 90s. I’m sure it’s going to be really humid, and I’m very glad that we won’t have to think about being in the fiver down there. We love the fact that we can’t hear the a/c in the house!

Today is our last day with the boys. We sure have packed a lot of fun into one month. A couple weeks ago I was looking at Groupon and saw a package for mini-golf and ice cream for 4 – for $17! When I looked up the address I was happy to see that it was only 19 miles from where the boys live.

20525691_10214548718258458_4738515614587660840_nYesterday morning we picked them up and stopped at a local park to have a picnic lunch and then it was off to mini-golf.

Kenny was hilarious. After he hit the ball his first time, he would go pick the ball up and put it down about a foot from the hole. And then it would still take him a bunch of times to hit it in. I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy laughing. I did get this one shot of Schaun though. We all had a great time.

20431683_10214548720498514_4178723193389318553_nAnd then the best part after an hour in the sun – ice cream! They had a cool multi-flavored ice cream called Superman ice cream that both boys had their eyes on. Of course there was an additional charge for it because the Groupon was for a soft ice cream, but oh well. Ended up being $22 for mini-golf and ice cream which still isn’t a bad deal.


And the boys enjoyed their ice cream!

Today we are taking the boys to a movie and out to eat, and then we will have to say “so long” for a while. It’s always sad to take our farewells and move down the road, but we take comfort in the fact that we spend a lot of quality time with them in the time that we do have.


  1. Grandkids are just the best!!

    I hear you about not having to hear the loud A/C in a house in contrast to an RV. We are in the RV now and it's driving me bonkers.

  2. Yep those RV air conditioners let you know they are running!!
    Those "grands" have had a wonderful time with you guys!! Quality time is always best!! So glad you all have had this time together!! Mike and I would love grandchildren....maybe one day!!