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Monday, September 6, 2010

First Try With Panoramic Pictures

We had a great day today at Salem. I will write more tomorrow about that, as it is getting a little late for my brain to be putting coherent sentences together!

However, I did want to show our first attempt at taking panoramic pictures. I used the Autostitch program that has been discussed on both Rick and Rod’s blogs at one time or another. I actually downloaded the program a week or two ago, but today was the first time that we actually had a view that looked like it might work.

So here they are – pretty similar – they are both views from the pier in Salem MA. Harry took the pictures and I used the program to stitch them together – a team effort! (I think Harry had the more challenging part of the process as all I did was click the mouse a few times.) I am looking forward to when we travel and we have many more opportunities to create these panoramas. Smile



If you click on the picture, you can see it in a larger frame, and you may be able to read about Salem Harbor. I didn’t take it at the best angle, but it’s kind of readable. Sarcastic smile



  1. Nice job on the panorama pics to both the photographer and the mouse clicker!

  2. good job on the autostitch!!!..nice pictures!

  3. Very cool shots! I'll have to try that myself someday.