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Saturday, September 11, 2010

More on the List

I spent the morning working on my usual 5 and a half hours at the branch. While I was working, Harry was also busy at work – on the house – of course! We had the windows replaced on the house a while back, but the staining portion of the job has been an ongoing effort ever since. It’s on our list. Sarcastic smile 

The sunlight made it hard to get a picture without a glare – this is the best one of the ones I took.


This is the only window in this room not completed. The outside trim is finished – it’s the inside part that still needs the stain.


Every item checked off the list just seems to lighten the load a little bit!

On another topic, of course today is the anniversary of 9/11. I remember that day so clearly. It was a picture perfect day, just like today. My heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one on that day. I was thinking earlier about the ongoing struggles we still face today (that we already were being confronted with before 9/11, but we didn’t really hear about it all the time like we do today) -the existence of terrorism, and it got me to wondering if I will ever see the day when people can just live in peace with each other. I like the premise on Star Trek: The Next Generation, where people on the earth are able to coexist without conflict and war. Of course, on that show the conflicts are moved out into space, so maybe it’s just a fact of life that is not able to be overcome. I’ll just keep hoping…


  1. Yes, this is truly a day of reflection. Seems like so long ago yet so recent.

  2. I guess we can all just keep hoping that one day we all might live in peace. I'm not sure that will ever happen. I don't think any American(or anyone for that matter) will ever forget 9-11 it has been forever etched into our memories.

    So glad you have another item checked off your list!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)