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Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Are Here

I intended to write last night after we got settled, but I was just too tired. Packing the car and driving three hours took a lot more energy than I realized. So we just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Here we are on our chairs on the deck enjoying the ocean. Smile


Here is Harry getting our computers up and running on the internet.IMG_3047

The place is very cozy – two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs. We are in the downstairs, and Gretchen, Will and Schaun are in one of the upstairs rooms. We have another friend arriving on Tuesday.

Harry got up early this morning and took some pictures of the sunrise.



Looking forward to a beautiful week!


  1. Beautiful sunrise!! Sitting on the deck relaxing and enjoying the ocean views is just what the doctor ordered....or should have!!

    You all enjoy and relax!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Great time to rest, relax and enjoy, wish I was there!!!

    That sunrise looks amazing on the ocean.

    *so jealous!*


  3. What a great spot, just perfect! A terrific place to recuperate after an operation.

  4. Sit back and enjoy every moment.

  5. Wow, you won't need to think about a thing, except your time off! Have fun.