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Friday, September 17, 2010

Update from Harry

As you all may know from Jessica’s last blog entry she has had a stomach bug since Sunday.  Things have gotten worse. On Wednesday morning at 5:00 am I hear this crash. I got up immediately yelled Jess are you ok are you ok. I knew she fell. She responded yes immediately. I got to the light and I was right she is on the floor in our bedroom doorway and oh my god right next to the stairs. I’m over her are you alright and the response “am I in bed”. mine no you are on the floor. She got dizzy and passed out. She didn’t appear hurt so I rolled her over. Now she is staring blankly at the ceiling and was not responding to me. It seem like for minutes but I am sure it was like 15 or 30 seconds. She finally responded I am here I was day dreaming. She sacred the you know what out of me.

Now I get brave and the King of the castle takes authority. The queen is so sick the king can get away with it. I tell I’m staying home today and you are going to the doctors. The king got got away with it. That the last time I want to have to do that. That was a bold move I’m not trying that again for a while.

Got her back to bed and she says wow I actual feel a little better. The gas pain is a lot less.

At 8:00 am, she contacts her doctors office to get an appointment for this morning. The person on the other end of the phone offer an appointment for September 26th. Now Jess just explain the problem and why she needs to see the doctor. What an idiot!! Jess tells her that won’t work let me see someone else. She is given a 9:00 am appointment.

Off we go to the doctors, we hit a traffic jam. I really didn’t need this. I pretty good with the area road so I jump off the highway and drive all the way to Troy NY to get around this traffic jam. It the only other way from where we are. Turns out they started road construction and its backing up traffic. Well I get her to the doctors. I was was like Gretel our GPS recalculating all along our new route.

We get to the doctors, get the receptionist with lots of bedside manner. Not!! We see a PA nice guy she has seen him before. he is doing his thing and very detailed covering everything and pretty quickly. Conclusion part of which I expected, she is dehydrated and needs IV fluids. But the part did expect want you to go to the hospital for a CAT scan to rule out appendix issues. He says I don’t thinks its your appendix because I don’t think we would be having this conversation. You would already be in the hospital. I go to get the car closer to the door as but Jess now not walking great. Get back and she light headed and sweating again. I get the PA and he offers a ambulance to take her to the hospital. Not my Adirondack woman I want to go in the car. Guys if you ever bump into an Adirondack woman be careful they they are tough. Off we go to Albany Medical Center Hospital the biggest hospital between Rochester NY and NYC.

Sorry this taking so long but short won’t do it.

We get to the ER and of course we meet another person with great bedside manner at intake. We get to the little room and they poke and prod a little and take tons of blood. People in and out for a while. now everyone is just great very concerned about Jess. Everyone that comes in and they all ask those same half a dozen questions. I get why they do it but enough already. They all seem to be very concerned about the appendix as her abdomen as it really puffy and tender. They do blood tests, x-rays and a CAT scan. We started in the ER at 10:30 am and now it’s a little after 2:00 PM. The doctor comes in and says its confirmed your appendix burst and we have to operate now. You go right to the top a of the list and everyone else has to wait.

Its weird but now I’m a little relieved we know what it is and its fixable.

Off we go to the operating room and tons more questions. At 2:30 PM they take her for the operation.

Now I get to wait. They said it will take an hour for the operation and I could see her maybe around 6:00 PM.  At 4:30 PM the doctor comes to the waiting room and tells me everything went fine. Her appendix was totally dead. There was not much left after it burst and they had to open her open and clean out her abdomen. 6:30 comes, 7:00 PM and on and on. At 8:45 PM and guy from the waiting room tells me they just moved her to recovery and I can go up. I get and they tell me she is here but not ready yet. Please sit in the waiting room down the hall.  Off I go and sit where I am told. 9:15 PM my cell phone ring and I don’t know the number. and hear where are you and say who is this. Its Jess her voice sounded different. She says they are looking for you. Where are you? Me I’m right where they told me to wait. How can they not find me? So off I go again now finally to her room to see her.


I get there and she looks a 1000% better. She again has color in her face and to my surprise she is pretty alert. I tell her every thing I know that doctor told me. Come to find out she was delayed moving to recovery due to change in shift. She is sore but doing great. At 9:30 PM I leave. They let me stay a little past visiting hours which end at 9:00 PM because I just got there.

She is now up and walking and doing great. Thanks for waiting for the end of the post. I couldn’t do it in a few sentences. The next post will be from Jess as I don’t think she is going to let me write here again.


  1. Thanks for telling us Harry! Life has lots of scary moments, and there are none more scary than when our loved ones are in trouble, and we are powerless to fix it.
    Your assertive response that she needed to go to the Doctor, more than likely saved her from even worse trouble.
    She'll be back good as new in a few days, and you can go back to being the incognito blogers husband.
    Your Blogger friend Retired Rod

  2. Lol...I can see why Jess writes the blog. Don't mean to laugh..I know this was serious :) I e-mailed Jess because I was worried about her, and I'm happy to say she e-mailed me back from her hospital room. Whew..

    I'll be glad when you are back up and around!!


  3. Wow, Im glad to hear she is okay!

    Scary day for sure!

    Get better Jessica!!!

  4. You sound like a very "good King!"

    I'm glad you got her to the doctor and they figured out what was wrong.

    When you think about it, a few generations ago, or maybe less she would be a dead woman by now.

    We had a dear friend that died of a ruptured appendix in Europe some years ago. Thought he had food poisoning.