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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Somewhat Lazy Day

Today was a kind of lazy day. I didn’t do too much. I got started off to a great beginning, left when Harry did and headed to Planet Fitness for my second indoor workout since we joined last week. I felt pretty good about my workout after 60 minutes working on the elliptical, treadmill and bike. My favorite thing about working out inside is being able to watch tv while I’m there. It really takes my mind off how many minutes I’ve been there when I have something else to focus on.

That was pretty much it for productivity. I did start a load in the dishwasher and ran two loads of laundry, but that was it. Other than that, I relaxed on the couch with my trusty sidekick (see picture below), surfing the internet. Ariel usually sticks pretty close after we come back from a few days away. I will be glad when we are traveling in the fifth wheel and are able to bring the cats along with us.


My nephews and niece all started school today. I can’t believe that the summer is over. It went by so fast. We got a lot done around the house. We still have a couple projects we want to finish this fall, but in a month or two, we will be taking it down a notch for the winter.


  1. Ariel reminds me of a cat we had when I was growing up. Her name was Duchess.

    I keep asking myself "where did this summer go!" We will continue to have summery weather until November. Winter is just rainy with day time temps in the 60's.

    But the overnight temps can go down to the 40's (or lower) so we have lots of fires in the fireplace.

  2. You're lucky - once winter comes, a high in the 30s will be balmy. We will have a period of time, usually in January - February, when the highs will be anywhere from 20 degrees to 10 below.